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Uncovering History

Uncovering History

The Discovery

In 2005/6, we had the roof of the South Aisle at St Cadoc’s renewed and as part of that exercise some of the Wall Plates, which had been destroyed by Death Watch Beetle had to be replaced, during this some of the lime wash knocked off the wall and a ‘Red Line’ was found beneath, which indicated that there was almost certainly a major wall painting beneath, as we already knew from somewhat amateurish exploration previously that the wall was definitely painted.

As the Church is a Grade 1* listed building we had to employ conservationists to come and investigate, so, it was that in early 2008 Jane Rutherfoord and Anne Ballantine came to Llancarfan to investigate.

Something Unique

It was on Shrove Tuesday 5th February 2008 that they found the most amazing start of George and the Dragon which was below over 20 coats of lime wash and from there on until this October work has continued to expose the most extraordinary series of Wall Paintings.

George and the Dragon is one of the finest paintings of its kind anywhere in Great Britain if not Europe, but we also have the most marvellous ‘Death and the Gallant’ which I understand is unique, coupled with this the Seven Deadly Sins in most excellent condition and then on the opposite wall the Several Acts of Mercy, which whilst not in good condition are certainly worth seeing.

Lastly, we have uncovered not just one doorway into the ‘Roode Loft’ but two, also paintings which would have been a background to the ‘Roode Screen’ above the Chancel Arch, all in all a panoply of Mediaeval Art which is not found elsewhere, making St Cadoc’s Church the most important and marvellous ecclesiastical site in the Vale of Glamorgan.

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